CableCorder CC3-TfO

The ideal completion of your cabling machine

The newly designed two-for-one package permits twisting of single yarns as well as balanced and unbalanced 2-ply and 3-ply yarns for cap ply, chafer, tire cord and industrial yarn.

  • Unbeatable economic efficiency
  • Great running lengths in further processing
  • Superior twist quality
  • High material flexibility
  • Low staff requirement


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    Two-for-one twisting process

    With the two-for-one twisting process, the thread obtains two twists when the spindle rotates once. Two-for-one twisting is a textile process for improving the yarn quality. In twisting, single yarns are twisted or two or more yarns are twisted together. Twisting improves for example the handle, the strength and the elongation capability of the yarn without chemical treatment.

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