Cost savings

Energy costs are the greatest cost pool in the tire cord cabling process. Depending on region and energy prices, the patented CC4-technology cuts twisting costs by up to 40%.

Analogous to energy saving, waste heat has the same value. This leads to a reduction of investment costs for air conditioning.

The active delivery of the balloon yarn reduces the yarn break rate by up to 50%. 

High energy savings through outer yarn feed device

In conventional cabling machines the yarn is forming a freely rotating balloon which primarily influences the energy consumption of the machine. Thanks to the outer yarn feed device, the outer yarn is controlled and the yarn balloon thus reduced to a possible minimum. The considerably smaller yarn balloon allows for reducing the energy consumption up to 50% compared with conventional cabling machines.

Patented CC4 technology

The technology developed by Allma engineers allows for energy savings on the CableCorder CC4 of up to 50% compared with conventional cabling. The system has been patented in the main markets and may be exclusively used by Allma customers.

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