CableCorder CC3 for tire cord and industrial yarns

Number one for textiles in tires

High performance cabling and twisting machine for cabling balanced 2-ply tire cord, twisting of single yarns and of balanced and unbalanced 2-ply and 3-ply constructions.
The machine has been designed to particularly meet the tire cord industry's needs. Special emphasis has been placed on maximum production, flexibility, excellent yarn and package quality as well as operator-friendliness, ease of maintenance and service.

  • High competence and great experience thanks to more than 1700 CableCorders supplied all over the world
  • Highest twist quality ensured by modern and reliable process monitoring systems, optimised yarn path geometry while treating the yarn gently and minimising yarn tension
  • High material flexibility
  • The only worldwide approved machine for twisting and cabling rayon and aramid
  • Enhanced user friendliness provided by new section design


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    What is direct cabling?

    Direct cabling is a single-stage process in which two yarns are wrapped around each other without imparting turns of twist to the single yarns. Direct cabling is a mechanical finishing process applied in tire cord production. Cabled yarns support the perfect quality and safety in tires.

    Direct cabling principle

    • One of the two untwisted yarn packages is located in the overhead creel, which is an integral part of the direct cabling machine
    • The second yarn package is located on the rotating spindle in the spindle pot.
    • Both yarns are controlled by our Cord Regulator. This ensures that both yarns are cabled with uniform tension.
    • During the direct cabling process the single ends do not receive any twist


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