TechnoCorder TC2

Two-for-one twisting machine for opening up new markets for technical yarns

The two-for-one twisting machine TechnoCorder TC2 for technical yarns is characterised by its worldwide unique productivity of up to 400 m/min delivery speed. The machine concept offers you ultimate flexibility in production, material and yarn counts of technical yarns. Self-sufficient spindles enable individual settings for each spindle. New in the product range is a further spindle gauge for a wider range of counts and the FlexiPly software for a higher variety of yarn constructions. You can react to market requirements and even the smallest lots or samples can be economically produced.

  • Maximum production flexibility thanks to autarkic spindle technology
  • Unique material flexibility through innovative technology
  • Wide range of counts
  • Unbeatable productivity, up to 400 m/min delivery speed
  • Allma PrimePac – Top package quality with high density
  • Easy handling due to worldwide unique machine concept


    • Spindle gauge 830 mm for coarse yarn counts up to 33,000 dtex
    • FlexiPly software for production of new hybrid constructions

    E³ - Triple Added Value


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    Up to 10% lower energy consumption

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    Energy-optimised modern drives and the slim thread balloon as a result of a height adjustable balloon thread guide considerably enhance the machine‘s energy balance.


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    Up to 30% higher productivity

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    The newly designed winding unit enables top performance. With a maximum delivery speed of 400 m/min, the TechnoCorder TC2 is the world’s fastest twisting machine. The solid package cradle, combined with a flexible traverse motion and intelligent electronics, helps the machine perform at top level and with maximum productivity.

    Up to 25% higher package density

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    The twist packages are characterised by a homogenous density and perfect optics. Depending on yarn count and material, the PrimePac packages can provide up to 25% higher package density. Compact twist packages save transport costs and make further processing more economical.


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    Simple handling and easy cleaning of the machine

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    The autarkic spindle unit and a new section concept ensure an ergonomically friendly spindle design. Operating elements such as capstan, but also the entire spindle area are easily accessible. This saves set-up times and is motivation for the machine operator.


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    Assembly winding unit

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    For multi-ply yarns

    For asymmetric ply yarns or multi-ply constructions cross-wound packages are still produced in a two-level twisting process according to the two-for-one principle. On the TechnoCorder TC2 with assembly winding unit, the individual threads are twisted separately and wound onto a doubling bobbin. Here, up to 6 individual threads can be assembled and wound onto the take-up package. The cylindrical cross-wound package is then fed to a TechnoCorder TC2 spindle and final-twisted.


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    FlexiPly for hybrid yarns

    State-of-the-art drive technology and the FlexiPly software enable the production of virtually all hybrid yarns on the TechnoCorder TC2. Innovative hybrid yarns are used in technical textiles and allow for new characteristics.


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